For many, if not most, choosing to sell your old home before buying your new home is a common occurrence. But for some, there are times when buying first may be your only option.

Unfortunately, finding your new home and the funds to purchase it in time can be stressful. This is where Zero Mortgage can help you with a bridging loan.

What are bridging loans?
A bridging loan provides you with the funds you need to buy your new home before you’ve sold your old one. The amount of equity in your existing property determines the extent of bridging finance available to you. Bridging loans are most suitable for people who have sold their home but not yet settled and bridges the gap between receiving funds from the sale of your home and placing a deposit on the new property you’re looking to purchase.

Benefits of a bridging loan

  • You can start searching for your new property right away, even if you haven’t settled on your existing property.
  • Choose between principal and interest payments, or interest-only payments.
  • Avoid moving into a rental property and multiple moving fees.
  • Use the proceeds from the sale of your home to reduce the balance on your bridging loan following settlement
  • Make unlimited lump sum payments, depending on the terms of your finance (restrictions apply to Fixed Rate home loans).

How we can help you
At Zero Mortgage, we help our clients make their dreams come true by understanding their circumstances, future property goals and guide them through the entire loan process one-on-one.  With access to over 40 lenders including non-bank lenders, we can make your dreams come true.

If you’d like to learn more about bridging loans and how we can help you, speak to our team on 1300 474 888 or fill out our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.


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