Wondering if you need a mortgage pre-approval or not? At Zero Mortgage, we can help you secure a pre-approval to ensure you’re not left heartbroken come auction day.

The benefits of getting pre-approved
By getting pre-approved, there are fewer chances of missing out on your dream home, fewer hiccups during the sales process, and in some cases, the vendor may accept an offer below the listed price and take the property off the marketing due to the confidence of knowing you’re a serious buyer.

The process
The process of getting pre-approved is quite simple, but there will be a few forms to fill out. Thankfully your Zero Mortgage broker will do most of the work for you.

Here are the steps for getting pre-approved:

  • Provide your Zero Mortgage broker with your income, savings, and any debts you may have such as credit cards and other loans.
  • Your Zero Mortgage broker will complete a preliminary assessment and recommend several suitable lenders and loan products.
  • Once you’ve chosen the loan you’d like to go with your Zero Mortgage broker will lodge your application with the lender of your choosing.
  • The lender will complete an assessment of your situation and provide their pre-approval.

The Zero Mortgage difference
At Zero Mortgage, we have access to over 40 lenders, including non-bank lenders. This allows our team of brokers to apply to more than one bank or non-bank lender, and we know their pre-approval policies.

If you’re looking to obtain a pre-approval or would like more information on how a Zero Mortgage broker can help you, speak to our team on 1300 474 888 or fill out our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.


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